Hepatitis Ariticle by Dr. Zubia Waqar – FJDC

July 24, 2014 8:55 AM

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Shoaib aged 45 living with chronic, active hepatitis C infection, contracted the virus in 1992 during a blood transfusion. His battle begins late at night when he has nothing better to do than lay in bed and think about his bleak situation. The thought that this may very well be the last time he close his eyes in a peaceful sleep, if he can sleep at all. It continues when he sleeps with a headache, nausea, listlessness, and stabbing pain in his side. Then, he directs his attention to overcoming the effects of the 9 micrograms of interferon that was injected into his body the night before. By noon, the fatigue sets in and he is pretty much done for the day, so he sits quietly and wonders what the future holds for him.

These are just few stories out of many, as today around 2 billion are living with hepatitis B globally and more than 400 million have been chronically infected and living as carriers of this disease. However, there is now a new epidemic in the town that’s hepatitis C. It is also known as ‘silent epi...

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