To Hell with Bill Cosby? Disney already did that with The Devil and Max Devlin

November 21, 2014 1:53 AM

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Like a lot of you folks out there, I don't exactly know how to feel about Bill Cosby right now. I mean, the man is a comedy legend. As a kid, I listened constantly to Cosby's comedy albums and memorized many of his stand-up routines. But as someone who's been writing about the entertainment industry for over 3 decades now, I have long heard the whispers about Bill's darker side. Which is why when stories began to bubble up about all the women that Cosby had allegedly drugged and then taken advantage of ... Well, I can't exactly say that I was surprised.

So when a longtime friend & fellow Cosby fan called me earlier today and asked if I thought that the press was piling on, needlessly demonizing this 77 year-old, I have to admit that I kind of deflected his question.

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