Hein Koh | Liz Insogna

August 4, 2014 8:15 PM

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Hein Koh | Liz Insogna

Liz Insogna: I've been drawn to your Rainbow Eye Claw since meeting it in the beginning stages at your studio, unvarnished and white, so many months ago. Seeing it again recently, in the summer exhibit at Munch Gallery, highly charged with color and weighted with the gravitational pull of vision downward and into; I'd love to hear about your relationship to it and this process.

Hein Koh: That piece was a real breakthrough for me. It was the first time I made a sculpture in a hard material (i.e. plaster, hydrocal and Aqua-Resin, which is a powdered resin) as opposed to the soft, fabric sculptures I had made before. I've only been making sculptures for three years now, switc...

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