The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway; First World Problems

March 27, 2015 2:10 PM

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The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway; First World Problems

I wanted to like The Heidi Chronicles, now playing on Broadway. One of my favorite actors, Elisabeth Moss, is starring as the conflicted feminist who goes from teen angst to middle-aged motherhood in the late Wendy Wasserstein's Pulitzer Prize-winning script. I read the script when I started seriously studying playwriting in 2004, and found a lot to love. So much wit! So much heart! But when I saw the current incarnation of Heidi, something was wrong. I wanted to think carefully about why I was not only unmoved, but somehow also angered by it.

It's not because I'm too young to get the story. I went to college in 1974, just a decade after the fictional Heidi and the real Wendy. It's not because I never felt the sting of sexism; I found myself often the first woman doing this or that from the 1970s through the 1980s. The first woman to serv...

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