Healthy Buzzwords Work so Well Some Convinced Spam Is Healthier than Salmon

June 19, 2014 12:08 AM

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There’s a specific reason why all the products you see in the grocery store are plastered with healthy buzzwords in bold lettering like “organic,” “heart healthy,” “antioxidant,” “all natural,” “gluten-free” and “whole grain” on their packaging. The simple reason is marketers know these words work in selling you the product, even when that product isn’t nearly as healthy as the buzzword leads you to believe. The fact is healthy words placed on a product’s label is an effective way to get consumers to purchase it by making them believe the product is healthier than it really is. Healthy buzzwords can be so effective that they were even able to sway some people into believing Spam was a healthier choice than salmon.

The study revealed health related euphemisms can have a huge impact on a consumer’s view of a product. Furthermore, they can give a false sense of the product being healthy regardless of the actual ingredients in the product. it goes on to give an example of Cherry 7-Up which carries an “antioxidant...

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