Health Care Warranties: The Risks of Patient Risk Assessment

October 2, 2014 2:52 PM

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I came into process improvement many years ago from manufacturing industries. In the modern manufacturing facility, there is a lot of focus on making sure the quality and characteristics of the incoming materials is understood. For instance, the metallurgy variation might create a need for different machining tools, adjustments to processes such as heat treating time or temperature, or the work instructions at different points of the process. Once the metallurgy of the incoming batch of material is understood, recommended changes are dialed into the process to ensure that the outgoing product is not defective. Good parts have happier customers and minimal warranty costs.

What would happen to the warranty costs if the raw material metallurgy was analyzed, and recommendations made for process change, but the manufacturing facility was filled with a combination of old machines that didn't work, new machines which weren't well understood, workers on one shift that were ...

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