Having multiple sexual partners reduces the chance of prostate cancer

November 16, 2014 12:43 AM

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There is a lot of information thrown around through online platforms and other kind of media supporting the fact that having sexual intercourse with a number of partners gives you a lease of life from prostate cancer. But is this true? Anyway, sit down and relax, this piece of information is going to reveal information you need to know regarding the relation between multiple sexual partner and prostate cancer. A recent research posted online indicates that there is very high chance of staying clean from prostate cancer if you have multiple sexual partners. As a matter of fact, the findings indicated that having multiple sexual partners reduces the chance of getting prostate cancer by 28%. This is incredible! Do you not think so?

However, this research lives so much to be desired as far as Christianity is concerned. But that is a topic of another day. Back to the issue at hand, research indicates that having 20 women or even continued sex will help you to reduce your chances of falling a victim to prostate cancer. Scientist ...

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