How Hatha Yoga Has Made Me Cooler, Calmer and Sharper

November 12, 2014 11:22 PM

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Staying calm and focused is something we all struggle with to some extent in today's world. With the rapid-fire world of the Internet available right in the palm of our hands, and Twitter/Facebook feeds becoming like a lifeline for a lot of people, it gets increasing difficult to keep our minds focused on one thing for too long. Concentration has never been my strong point and any attempts I made towards developing it had generally fallen flat. So I was surprised when hatha yoga -- the decidedly "body practice" of the yogic pantheon -- ended up really improving my focus, besides giving me a deep sense of inner balance.

My knowledge of yoga for most of my life has been nil, though I have flipped through the occasional yoga magazine here and there. So hatha yoga was a practical terra incognita for me when I stepped through the doors on day one. Some of my friends had been practicing for years and while they shared a...

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