Harry Styles Gets Bored Of Fake-Dating Kendall Jenner, Starts Seeing Someone Else On The Side

February 5, 2014 8:41 PM

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Fakelationships can get really boring. There’s only so much standing next to each other and leaking reports to the media that two people can do before somebody starts wanting more. Not more from each other, of course. This isn’t a romantic comedy where two people date each other to make someone jealous and then fall in love in the process. Ew, gross. This is celebrity fakelationship land, which means Harry Styles is now rumored to be cheating on Kendall Jenner. Looks like somebody’s taking a page out of Kaley Cuoco’s playbook.

The mistress in question is Haley Giraldo, daughter of Pat Benetar, and she’s 29 years old. We all know how much Harry likes the older ladies. According to Star magazine (so reputable, as we know from their many Jennifer Aniston pregnancy reports), they met at a One Direction concert in Los Angeles ...

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