Harris Wittels Wasn't Scared to Laugh | Celeste Yim

February 22, 2015 10:00 PM

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Harris Wittels Wasn't Scared to Laugh | Celeste Yim

Harris Wittels died this week. He was a writer and co-producer on NBC's (hit show and best comedy on television) Parks and Recreation. He was also a musician, podcaster and stand-up comedian. And, he was very, very funny. Memories and other touching sentiments about Harris' life and work have been beautifully poured out onto the very platforms Harris mocked (and probably hated) by his fellow comedians, friends and fans in the past few days. For instance, comedian Doug Benson tweeted out telling his followers to retweet something from Harris' feed that made them laugh -- promising that it wouldn't take long. Here are some of the dark, sharply hilarious tweets I chose.

What struck me about that last one and many of Harris' other tweets and thoughts, aside from being sharply funny as was his humor in general, was his fearlessness. It seems to me that Harris was never scared of death; he was scared of living in fear.

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