Happy Stress Awareness Month!

April 17, 2015 9:36 PM

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Stress awareness month always confused me. Aren't we always hyperaware of how stressed we are? What we may not realize is how stress affects us. The Price of Stress When we are stressed our limbic brain takes over, shutting down all body systems which do not help us fight or flee danger. Our digestive, reproductive and immune systems are turned off momentarily to move all our power and energy to our muscles to run or defend ourselves. Once the immediate danger is over, our systems revert back to normal functioning.

The problem is, today our stressors are not momentary physical dangers but a constant bombardment of mental stress. We rush the kids to school. We get frustrated in traffic. Our boss comes down on us about a late project. Stressor after stressor attacks us. Our body is always on high alert. The adre...

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