'Happy Endings' finale: Why I'll miss this show when it's gone

May 3, 2013 1:53 PM

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Happy Endings isn’t dead yet. But ABC might as well have dipped it in antelope blood, rolled it around in some truffle salt, and left it in a cage with some very hungry tigers, because tonight, the network will air the season finale — and it might also be the final episode of the show. And that’s sad, because a great sitcom like this one shouldn’t have to endure the indignities that this one has suffered, having already been yanked from the schedule for all of February and much of March, replaced by Celebrity Wife Swap (starring Coolio and Kate Gosselin!) in its old Tuesday slot, and finally exiled to Friday night, where its final 10 episodes were marched off the plank two by two.

By the time ABC launched an ad campaign, begging fans to “save” the show, some fans started complaining that the only thing Happy Endings needed to be saved from was ABC. Two of the show’s stars, Casey Wilson and Adam Pally, even made their own S.O.S. plea last month, though it looked like someone m...

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