Happiness Can Be Detected Through The Smell Of Sweat; Study Finds

April 20, 2015 1:10 PM

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A recent research unveiled that when we experience happiness, the “chemosignals” produced in our sweat can easily be identified from others when they smell us. Not to mention that chemosignals are those chemical compounds those are produced. The study has been carried out at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and published in the journal Psychological Science. Semin and his team enrolled 12 men to their study, all of whom were nonsmokers, free of any psychological disorders, and did not take any medications.

The men were asked to take part in an experiment that involved watching a video clip intended to produce one of three emotions: fear, happiness or a neutral emotion. In addition, the men were asked to view a number of Chinese symbols and rate how pleasant or unpleasant they felt each one was. This t...

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