Happily Never After | Lisa Steinberg

September 15, 2014 8:31 PM

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Lately when I check out my timeline on Twitter, I see a lot of bullying, hatred, disrespect and general meanness between people. It stems from several fandoms in various television shows, but most notably it keeps mainly rearing its head between fandoms in the show Once Upon A Time. I started noticing this around the time of San Diego Comic Con. I guess I was oblivious to it until I tweeted about how my online magazine would be interviewing the cast at Comic Con. Once we began using the fandom hashtags to elicit questions we got overwhelmingly bombarded. We received tweets bashing us for certain relationship hashtags we used, we got tweets mentioning us in comments being directed at other fandoms that were rude, and questions that were just all around inappropriate. As my magazine became more and more into the thick of these wars I just couldn't understand why people would be bullying others regarding fandoms. I know it has long existed before Once Upon A Time, certainly we had received some heat over Glee and The Vampire Diaries fandoms in the past and present as well, but nothing on this level. It's because this is more than about television, more than about relationships, it's about inclusion.

No one wants to be left out, no one wants to have their sexualities berated or excluded, no one wants to have the celebrity or television show they idolize ignore or cast aside their feelings or not acknowledge everyone's beliefs. It seems that the Once Upon A Time fans are in an uproar constantly. ...

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