'Hannibal's Summer Debut Is Its Savior

January 16, 2015 6:04 PM

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When discussing summer television, success comes down to the basics of so many other industries: location, location, location. Summer on cable is a place of fierce competition where only the deadliest of programming survive. This is a time were shows such as The Leftovers, Breaking Bad and Suits clean up in astounding ways – especially on Sundays. However, on broadcast, summer is a time for experimentation and play. It’s a time where series that didn’t work can be burned off, and riskier fair can be tried because ratings expectations aren’t as high. So, considering that, it’s not at all a surprise NBC has opted to move Hannibal to the slot starting this year.

At the network’s TCA presentation this morning, NBC revealed the third season of the always on the bubble series would debut not in the mid-season like its predecessors, but rather in a summer position. Of course, this move was immediately met with outrange by fans who are now yelling to the rafters...

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