Handle Yourself With This Season 4 'Scandal' Primer

September 22, 2014 12:37 PM

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Handle Yourself With This Season 4 'Scandal' Primer

Cyrus let a church full of people explode, but he is mourning James' death, so maybe he'll stop being a pudgy Voldemort now. Letting a congregation of people die in order to rig an election is officially Cyrus' most dastardly move to date. Although, James' death leaves him to ask how he became such a monster, so we have at least a shred of evidence that he still has a soul (even if it is a tiny, shriveled soul that would dissolve faster than a Metamucil packet in a glass of cranberry juice). RIP, James.

Sally almost won the election by using the church explosion as her "Pearl Harbor" ... Sally's campaign manager, Leo Bergen, calls the church explosion her "Pearl Harbor or 9/11" moment, ruffing her up and setting her to work for the camera. Cue shots of Sally with a ripped sleeve and some dirt smudg...

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