Habitual use of fire as told from cave near Haifa

December 15, 2014 10:00 AM

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Scientists have not been content with the exercise of dating when man first used fire. While the earliest evidence for hominin use of fire dates to more than a million years ago, scientists have been keen to explore an expanded timeline as to when we transitioned from occasional use to habitual, planned use of fire. A research effort by a team of scientists has turned up evidence and they have written what they understand about a time frame of a 'technological mutation.' That in turn can help explain our evolution and "encephalization."

Their study, 'Fire at will': The emergence of habitual fire use 350,000 years ago," is published in this month's Journal of Evolution. Their study suggests, as stated in a publication of the Archeological Institute of America, Archaeology, that human ancestors regularly began using fire some 350,000...

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