A Guide for Touring in the Music Industry

August 4, 2014 4:11 PM

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A Guide for Touring in the Music Industry

Finding a place to eat where everyone in the van is satisfied is a challenge. Having the thermostat set in a hotel room where everyone is comfortable is a negotiation. Forgetting the bathroom spray when four males all "boo boo" within the same hour is difficult to forget. Trading off driving when everyone is a zombie is frightening. Setting up the sound system, merch table, and video gear is trivial compared to finding and training volunteers to handle any of these areas. Overcoming the countless mistakes or oversights by the venue staff or promoter team is frustrating. Learning to exhale the disappointment of seeing only a handful of fans show up is a definite gut check whether a career in music is worth it. Watching fans beg for selfies or an autograph on their phone case, yet ignore the merch table is irritating. Pouring out every ounce of energy on stage to entertain the non-responsive crowd while fighting technical issues with mix or monitor levels is deflating. Pushing your voice to hit that high note after days and days of grueling travel and lack of sleep is humbling. Hearing a tour owner or concert promoter tell you they want you to pay-to-play or they aren't willing to cover any of your expenses is a sobering reality. Watching peers post recap photos on their social media from events that appear to be the holy grail of shows is depressing when you're struggling to find bookings. Seeing a perceived equal or lesser talent get picked to headline or open on a major tour is confusing. Having members of your touring crew back out at the last minute before leaving and scrambling to find an equally qualified replacement is maddening. The list goes on.

Not so long ago the only way for a music artist to get known was by performing live shows. In fact, the standard was that the live show dictated an artist's credibility and artistic ability. Thanks to the internet, many of today's artists have used YouTube as their proving ground to gain popularity....

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