A Guardian Angel Custodian

April 22, 2015 6:31 PM

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A Guardian Angel Custodian

We all know how a superhero works. He or she has a nondescript, ordinary job -- as a reporter, or a desk jockey for an insurance company, or an attorney. When a crisis emerges, each of these special people, in his or her own way, transforms into someone far more powerful. They fly. Or burst into flames. Or become invisible. Then they save the world or simply one human being. If someone else is in trouble, they restore order and reaffirm, as the Superman comic used to put it: truth, justice and the American way.

Thanks to the endless sequence of movies based on these modern mythic figures, we're all familiar with the fantasy that within all of us awaits a superhero ready and willing to help others. Yet these comic book figures represent more than a feel-good fantasy, for me -- they create a picture, in broa...

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