From Grr To Gratitude

April 23, 2015 3:09 PM

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That's how long my daughter had been whining and moaning about the incessant tube that was taped around her face and neck and channeled through her nose down into her stomach. She stayed groggy and cranky from the anesthesia which only made matters worse. I hate seeing her act like someone she's not. I don't like what anesthesia does to her. She is foul and angry and combative and sad, until it slowly releases her sweet soul and she comes back the next day. I was sympathetic and attempted to comfort her in any way that I could, while monitoring her pH level and recording the time, and her food intake and activity level every thirty minutes. It was a long two days. I was tired and so was she.

In the big picture, this was really nothing. We have dealt with much more sickness and procedures and surgeries and longer bouts of misery than this. It was only two days we needed to endure this test. A test that would assess multiple healing ulcers in her stomach, caused by severe reflux she's had...

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