Growing Pains | Anthony Romeo

August 13, 2014 4:10 PM

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Growing Pains | Anthony Romeo

To say that the life of Robin Williams affected only those in my age group would be incorrect, to say the least. But for 20-somethings like myself, the passing of our most memorable and iconic comedian is a blow to the childhoods we'll now never be able to reclaim. And in looking at the filmography of this legendary man, it's eerie to see the ways in which our journey to adulthood wasn't merely informed by his career, but truly led by the man of a thousand voices.

In 1991, Hook was a gigantic movie. I was 7, and I, too, felt that I lived in a world where I never wanted to grow up. The world was fantastical and full of promises to keep, dreams to chase and evil men to dispatch. All we needed was to believe in ourselves, in the promise of youth and childhood an...

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