Grieving in the Facebook Era

November 10, 2014 11:01 PM

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When a loved one passes away there is an instant shock, a nerve testing moment, when you hear the news for the first time. It is as though the universe within you is trying to adjust to an emptiness left by the person who parted; a deep ache, an indescribable hollowness. Through our lived experiences we react in the most natural of ways through lamentation, guilt, anger, and the eventual Facebook posting. How do we grieve in a day in age where you post your knee-jerk reaction on social media? Does it help ease the pain?

Two weeks ago, I lost my cousin in a fatal car accident. The news came as I was preparing to depart for a work-related event. Without hesitation, there were many tears, many memories that rushed to mind and there was also a Facebook post. The post came as an immediate cry letting the world know that...

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