Grieving 10 Years Later

September 30, 2014 4:32 PM

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Grieving 10 Years Later

My father's sudden death in 2004 nearly broke my spirit. We thought he had a bad flu. Two weeks later, he was gone at 54. The entire family was devastated. My oldest niece was 8 years old. When a friend told her not to cry because he was in a better place, she replied: "I don't want him in heaven, I want him here." Her statement summed up my feeling. I am typically the "strong" one. I cried a river the day he passed, but I did not shed a tear at the funeral or afterwards. I immersed myself in work. After a few months, a friend pulled me aside. "Ronda, you are not grieving. That is not good. How about I rent some movies and we can say that is the reason for your tears?"

I was headed towards a mental breakdown. I spent the first year of Dad's death in denial. I never spoke of him in the past tense. He was my anchor, protector, and motivator. He encouraged me to discover the world and chase my dreams. "You can always come home. You don't want to get to the end of you...

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