Greenland Ice Sheet May Melt Faster Due to Subglacial Lakes, Study Reveals

January 23, 2015 9:57 AM

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The massive Greenland ice sheet has subglacial lakes beneath it and scientists have noticed some significant changes in the lakes recently. It has been found that these subglacial lakes could increase the sensitivity of ice to climatic changes. A team of U.S. scientists has researched this, emphasizing that this discovery would help to gain a better understanding about the effect of global warming on the ice sheet’s basal ice layer. Basal ice layer is on the top of the island’s bedrock. Meltwater have a major contribution in the rising sea levels across the globe which is presently threatening coast cities all around the world. Rise in temperature results in the formation of meltwater and it acts as a lubricant to the basal layer of ice. This lubrication makes the layer of ice more likely to slide out to sea.

Previously the scientists had discovered the sudden draining of meltwater that had pooled on the surface of the glacier. It was assumed that these lakes, formed under the ice sheet, transfer heat to the basal layer. Study co-author Michael Bevis, of the School of Earth Sciences at Ohio State Univers...

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