Greek Election: Five Key Takeaways

September 20, 2015 10:08 PM

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Greek Election: Five Key Takeaways

The conclusion after many European elections in recent years has been that while much has changed, everything stays the same. In fact, this now also best describes the "historic" Greek elections of January 2015, which did not bring the hoped (and promised) end of austerity in Europe in general, and Greece in particular. Today's Greek elections are almost the opposite: while everything seems to stay the same, some important things have in fact changed. Let me highlight five.

The only reason that PM Alexis Tsipras called for the September elections was to weed out the (real) radicals from his increasingly misnamed Coalition for the Radical Left (Syriza). Faced with a parliamentary faction of at least one-third 'dissidents,' i.e. MPs opposed to the third bailout and the m...

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