The Greatest Indian Art Show Of The Spring Is In America

March 16, 2015 3:16 PM

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The Greatest Indian Art Show Of The Spring Is In America

The exhibit leaps to another milestone year, 1997, when the country celebrated 50 years since the critical midnight. This is not simply to mark the occasion: the late nineties were a time of paradigmatic changes in the world's largest democracy, from the growth of a true Indian middle class, to the rise of both the economic powerhouse that is the outsourcing industry, and a vociferous religious right. This bulk of the exhibit spans the years since, moving from the two-dimensional world of paint and canvas to sculptures built of found materials and video, work that sits squarely inside the current global artistic zeitgeist.

Contrast the broad survey course spirit of the Queens show with the subversive sharpness of its accidental companion down South. At the San Jose Museum of Art, "Postdate" focuses exclusively on contemporary photography by Indian artists grappling with colonialist imagery.

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