This is a great time to catch Lovejoy,How to see Comet Lovejoy With the Naked Eye this weekend

January 9, 2015 10:00 PM

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Comet Lovejoy, currently being tracked by curious astronomers worldwide, is getting into its best and shiniest two weeks for viewing. During the mid-January, the comet is predicted to be glowing at 4th magnitude—bright enough that skywatchers with clear, with no optical aid, darkness of skies could be able to just glimpse it by eye. And the evening sky through this time will be dark and moonless, allowing the best views.

Comet Lovejoy passes closest by Earth at a distance of 44 million miles (70 million km), almost half the distance from Earth to the Sun. On January 7th. But its distance will alter only a small for a lot of nights immediately after that, so we will going to have plenty of opportunities to track it d...

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