Grateful for the Little Things

December 22, 2014 8:34 PM

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Have you ever noticed that when you pay attention and stay grateful for the little things in your life, most things seem to go well? For the last three years I've created a gratitude challenge on my blog. This year I choose to I write down ten-things-of-thankful (TToT) and post them on the SMART Living FB page every day for 30 days. Now that I've completed the challenge, it's obvious that most of what I listed was little and routine experiences. Gradually I came to realize that when we recognize (with gratitude) those little things that happen each and every day, we are reminded, and appreciate just how important most of those things are for a happy life.

For example, just about every morning I wake up after a good night's sleep and journal. If I start writing my list then I automatically list how glad I am for a good night's sleep and how great I'm feeling because of it. But that's kind of boring, right? I, or any of you who are also doing a gratitu...

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