Grandma and Grandad | Kate Byrne

January 15, 2015 6:40 PM

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Things to be exceedingly grateful for: I still have a set of grandparents. I'm 30 and my maternal grandparents are still here. Given how many of my friends never got to know any of their grandparents, especially never as adults, I'm grateful I've gotten to spend 30 years with my grandparents. I got to know them as a kid; I got to know them as a faux-adult (that nebulous time between 18 and 25); I've gotten to know them as a real adult (after 25). More -- we all (my two brothers, sisters-in-law, my grandparents, myself) seem to like each other as well as unequivocally loving each other.

That all being said, our family has been rocked since the start of the holiday season. My surviving grandfather has been in the hospital/long-term care facility. Complications due to (what's turned out to be) pancreatic cancer. Complications due to living in a multi-story home. And having joint issu...

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