Gotham recap: 'Selina Kyle'

September 30, 2014 1:01 AM

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Gotham is a city of twos, an endless list of opposites. You have crooked cops like Harvey Bullock and hero detectives like Jim Gordon. On the one hand, there’s the wealth and corruption of the Falcone mob family and on the other, the wealth and philanthropy of the recently deceased Waynes. The city has always been a battlefield for light and darkness, good versus evil, long before Fox created its superhero deficient crime drama. But the studio unknowingly continues this traditions of twos in "Selina Kyle," which throughout its 45 minutes weaves in both the good…. and the bad.

Let’s start with the episode’s namesake, Selina Kyle. For the most part, this title is pretty misleading. Aside from the episode’s brief opening minutes where a collection of down-on-the-luck street kids run into their psychotically cheerful abductors, Patty and Doug, we never see Selina Kyle (Camre...

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