Google Wants To Aid Those Who Suffer From Parkinson’s And Essential Tremors With A Smart Spoon

November 25, 2014 9:08 PM

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Google has their hands in plenty of technology driven projects these days, from Google Glass, Project Loon(WiFi distributed from balloons over locale)smart contact lenses and the infamous self driving car. There are many other projects but really too many to name them all. The latest development and innovation from the Mountain View based search giant is a smart spoon that aims to help those who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremors, reduce the shaking in their hands by up to 76%. Anyone who has ever seen Parkinson’s or someone with essential tremors first hand knows how bad it can get, and one could only imagine how hard it must be for those affected by the disease. Imagine trying to eat when you can’t even hold your silverware straight.

Google’s new smart spoon, termed the Liftware Spoon, aids individuals with shaky hands by attempting to make corrections and adjustments to keep the spoon straight. Google has helped develop the device to sense shaky movements using tons of algorithms and adjust the settings accordingly. Google says...

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