Goodbye to Good News

October 22, 2014 7:54 PM

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When will there be a good news day? One day when everything seems great. Just one day. One news day where the news is so good that it is the story of the day. A day that excites all Americans, whether they are Republicans, Democrats, or any other political persuasion. The news is so good that all the news coverage is overwhelmed by this wonderful event. Fox News and MSNBC both agree with wild joyous reports, as well as the networks, and even the dour Rush Limbaugh. And no talking head can pick apart this good news because it's just too good.

You might ask, what news could be this good? Well, there were days in our past when we all joined together in mutual enthusiasm. V-J Day: Americans throughout the country took to the streets in wild celebration. I don't believe there was one opposition report that day complaining about various issue...

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