Goodbye, Cousin Joan | Katy Wolk-Stanley

September 8, 2014 10:04 PM

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Last week found me surprised with how I affected I was with the death of Joan Rivers. From the outside I would not appear to be her average fan. I have zero interest in celebrity fashion and I'm as likely to watch the Kardashian-centric E! Network as I am to kick off my Birkenstocks and totter around in a pair of sky high heels. And my simple living frugal ways hardly meshed with her lavish lifestyle.

My father is first cousins with James "Jimmy" Sanger, Joan Rivers' first husband. You know, the one who rarely gets mentioned. The one who she was married to for, oh ... around six months in 1955, a marriage which ended in annulment since he had apparently failed to mention that he had no interest i...

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