The Good Wife recap: 'The Trial'

November 24, 2014 5:41 AM

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The Good Wife recap: 'The Trial'

Cary's case is finally going to trial. And before it begins, Judge Cuesta (David Paymer) is so over it. He's trying to get last-minute tickets to see Neil Diamond for his anniversary. (Forgive me if I don't feel sympathetic. You can't wait until the day of to buy an anniversary present, dude!) He also gets the wrong muffin from his assistant, so by the time he enters the courtroom he can barely contain his impatience. He calls Diane, Cary, and Geneva Pine into his chambers to persuade them to reach a deal before the trial actually begins. That unsurprisingly doesn't work, so his new plan is to push through jury selection as quickly as possible. He's gotta get those tickets!

The trial begins, and we learn that Geneva Pine is having some sort of affair with the narcotics detective on the case, Gary Prima (Eric Ruffin). I'm not entirely sure why this was relevant. Perhaps it was to show that she wasn't fully on her A game? Or, could this relationship result in a mistrial ...

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