The Good Wife recap: 'Sticky Content'

November 17, 2014 6:10 AM

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The Good Wife recap: 'Sticky Content'

Alicia's campaign is in full swing now that she has a clearly established opponent. Goodbye, James Castro! (You won't be missed.) And hello, Frank Prady. (You still kind of suck, but not as bad as Castro.) Anyway, Johnny Elfman and campaign media specialist Josh Mariner (guest star David Krumholtz) prepare Alicia's introductory campaign video and viral content. Episode title alert! Johnny wants to use the "sticky" content because that's the stuff that will, well, stick in people's minds. This ushers in a crisis of conscience for Alicia because it's not her style to go the negative route, nor does she want to be too manipulative. Unfortunately, that's not how politics work.

Frank Prady makes an unannounced visit to Alicia's office to discuss campaign tactics. He's got a box of dirt on Alicia that Castro gave him after dropping out of the race, but he doesn't want to use it. He claims he wants to run a fair, clean campaign, and he appeals to Alicia to do the same. On go...

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