The Good Wife Recap: Opposition Research

October 13, 2014 1:15 PM

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The Good Wife Recap: Opposition Research

Last night's episode of The Good Wife was dedicated almost entirely to Alicia's campaign — yeah, a week after I'd hypothesized that the show was back on a case-of-the-week track — even though Alicia spends plenty of time assuring everyone that she's still just considering a run. There's a really compelling scene at the start of the episode of Alicia preparing for her first meeting with Eli: uncorking and pouring wine, setting out crudité platters, even deep-cleaning the dining room table with Pledge. It reminded me of the way I'd organize my backpack the night before the first day of school: sharpening pencils, carefully covering books, in total denial of the fact that no matter how perfectly I tried to prepare, it'd all be a jumbled mess in a week. Tops.

Alicia's efforts, too, are quickly destroyed, in part by the arrival of her reluctant campaign manager, the whimsically named and devilishly handsome Johnny Elfman (played by Steven Pasquale, just off a short run in the Broadway version of The Bridges of Madison County). He's got a folder full of op...

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