The Good Wife recap: 'Oppo Research'

October 13, 2014 2:49 AM

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Note to self: Never run for political office. The skeletons in the closets of fictional characters are stressful enough! Case in point: Jaw-drop count for tonight's episode = 2. So let's get to it. Thanks to a run in with Gloria Steinem and a less-than-ideal James Castro conversation in last week's episode, Alicia has finally agreed to seriously consider a run for state's attorney. I think we knew from the get-go that she would at least entertain the idea of a campaign because that was the whole season 5 cliff-hanger. It would be a waste of a cliff-hanger to not have some sort of pay off. And then when season 6 returned, Alicia's adamant protests against running just made it all the more inevitable that she'd change her tune. So am I surprised we've reached this point? Not at all. Am I happy about it? Ask again later, after we digest this week's developments.

So there's no case of the week as Alicia explores the possibilities of her campaign. The episode opens with Alicia pouring a glass of wine, and I choose to take that as a fully symbolic opening. The writers want you to drink while you watch this show! Savor it, folks. Anyway, Alicia is clearly nervo...

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