A Good Day With Grant

October 14, 2014 3:37 PM

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It's 7:10am. Sunday morning comes around like it always does, but today feels different. Better. Fun. I creep out of bed, my muscles aching they way they always do when you get older. Not gray hair kind of old. Just older. I pop some Naproxen Sodium to get my body going, and suit up. A bike ride that I usually do every Sunday morning will be a bit different today. My nephew Grant is coming along, and it feels exciting.

Grant is a spiky haired 13 year old. Tall and lanky, with thick prescription glasses and spindly legs, he's curious yet clumsy the way a 13 year old is clumsy. He's eager to go, having received a "new" used mountain bike from his dad a few weeks back. He's been tinkering with his bike riding skills,...

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