Who is Going to Replace Jon Stewart? | Tom Pappalardo

February 19, 2015 3:04 PM

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Who is Going to Replace Jon Stewart? | Tom Pappalardo

John Fugelsang should replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Now that Jon Stewart of The Daily Show is planning to leave, there is much speculation as to who will take his place. For my money, John Fugelsang stands out as the best choice. Admittedly, there are more than a few worthy choices but Fulgelsang should be the one. If the top execs that run Comedy Central want Stewart's replacement to parallel the key strengths of Jon Stewart, then Fugelsang is their guy. Both of these politically oriented comedians are highly intelligent, super quick-witted and extremely knowledgeable about politics. They also could very well be the "two fastest guns" when it comes to speaking truth to power. Stephen Colbert, also is in the discussion, but he has his new replacement gig to worry about. Stewart and Fugelsang have an enormous capacity to brilliantly rebut political questions that get put on the table at a moments notice. Fugelsang is particularly good at forging on the spot zinger quality comebacks to right wing spins on political matters. A caller on The Stephanie Miller Show had a great suggestion of creating an app with Fugelsang comebacks, to be used on friends and family, if one of them trots out some lame right wing talking point.

Fugelsang, is a weekly guest on Stephanie's TV/radio show and is part of Stephanie's very popular Sexy Liberal Comedy Show. Stephanie, is also a very legitimate candidate to replace Stewart. However, the big shots that run Comedy Central probably want to plug and play someone into this role that is ...

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