God Bless the Night Shift

December 22, 2014 5:07 PM

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I went into an all night pharmacy recently, after getting off of work at 10 p.m. I had to pick up a prescription for my endless, insomnia-inducing cough. Walking up to the counter, I was bathed in the smell of cigarette smoke, carried on the coats of patrons. Eight of us stood by the counter, outnumbering the staff by 100 percent. I checked in and waited for my prescription to be filled. And in the eyes of the pharmacist and technicians, I saw exhaustion: physical and emotional.

It's a 24/7/365 world out there, and nowhere is it more evident than in anything related to healthcare. It's easy for me to think doctors are the most weary. But that's arrogant poppycock. I'm only a cog in the great wheel. Pharmacies dispense medicine all night because people are sick and go to the...

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