Gobble, Gobble

November 24, 2014 5:58 PM

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I don't know why the irony of "gobble, gobble" didn't dawn on me until recently. Considering that Thanksgiving, in its purest form, is about gratitude, isn't it funny that the term "gobble" means to swallow, eat greedily, take eagerly, or grab? Gobbling does more than capture a rather elementary behavior of the nation's fowl of choice. It perhaps quietly calls "foul" on some of our initially benign and bountiful holiday gestures that become all-consuming, all too soon.

I realize that my thoughts today may spike the season with an early shot of cynicism. That being said... just think about many of the activities leading up to and following Turkey Day -- grocery shopping, football channel surfing, snack stuffing, Black Friday bargain hunting, gift scavenging.

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