Gob Squad's Western Society

February 22, 2015 1:47 AM

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In case you haven't noticed, we live in an age of constant self-documentation. This shouldn't be news to anyone, but I was reminded of this when I stopped in Starbucks and ended up in the back of someone's selfie stick-filmed video. Was this person trying to capture a grippingly interesting coffee-getting adventure, or were they more interested in the everyday nature of midtown coffee routines? Perhaps that video has already been uploaded to YouTube. It's not exactly viral video material, but how much of what we record and share about our lives really is? Let's face it: the vast portion of our day is not something anyone else would be interested in viewing.

So, what happens when these moments do get recorded and put out into a digital world that hasn't picked them up and made them stars in their own right? In Western Society, Gob Squad sets out to champion one such video. If you had to define "Western Society" as a concept in one video, it might not lo...

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