Gluten-Free Intolerance | Celia Kaye

July 14, 2014 7:10 PM

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Gluten-Free Intolerance | Celia Kaye

There is much debate around the subject of gluten. Researchers continue to publish studies with new findings, and people continue to adopt a gluten-free diet -- both those who have been tested for celiac disease and those who haven't. For those who have been tested and diagnosed, the seriousness of their disease is sometimes scoffed at or looked at with skepticism due to the fact that their diet is not only a medical necessity but also has become a fad. And for those who haven't been tested but adopt a gluten-free diet anyway, there are varying degrees of annoyance expressed at their choice.

My blood test indicated celiac disease, but I did not go through with the small intestinal biopsy to confirm what the blood test suggested. At the direction of my doctor and nutritionist, I cut out gluten and added different foods to my diet to ensure that I wasn't eliminating essential nutrients, a...

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