Glenn Frey: the Voice That Launched a Million Tequila Sunrises

January 19, 2016 1:25 PM

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Glenn Frey: the Voice That Launched a Million Tequila Sunrises

With a voice resembling a pitched-down Neil Young and the best hair by far (not to mention the most convincing desperado mustache), Glenn Frey was the Eagles' ace in the hole. He played lead, rhythm, acoustic, electric, and slide guitar; he doubled on keyboards; he co-wrote or curated most of the band's best songs, sang lead on many of them, and maybe most crucially, helped arrange their take-no-prisoners group harmonies. Long before he took a bullet in that video for his Miami Vice solo hit in the Eighties, you always suspected he was the dangerous one, the dude who conveyed his "peaceful, easy feeling" less as Zen declaration than as a way to slyly unbutton your girlfriend's bell-bottoms while you were off packing bongs.

Maybe it was because Frey was in truth a Motor City rocker, who played with Bob Seger and had a band called the Heavy Metal Kids before decamping to California for the youth culture gold rush. There, he proved country ain't where you're from but where you're at. Seriously, have any of Nashville's au...

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