Glee Season 6 Recap

January 10, 2015 5:22 AM

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It’s time for our next Glee season 6 recap. Glee season 6 episode 2 was titled “Homecoming” and it many achievements include: bringing back almost every character (Sugar Motta and Joe Hart fell into a volcano, obviously), insisting that references to the “Take on Me” video are exactly what the kids want these days and reminding us all that this is all worth it because one time Santana Lopez and Quinn Fabray boned (technically two times). Let’s get into our Glee season 6 recap! And don’t forget to read my recap of the Glee season 6 premiere here.

It opens with visual references to the “Take on Me” video even though that number won’t be happening for some time. Sure. Blaine Anderson does some voiceover about trying to change it up by no longer wearing hair gel and bow ties, then realizing he needs things to stay the same. He runs into a Dalto...

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