Giving up Music for Lent | Trevor Cox

February 18, 2015 10:46 PM

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Giving up Music for Lent | Trevor Cox

For Lent this year I'm going to try and give up music. Everyday, many of us listen to vast amounts of music and it has become part of our daily routine. One study showed that compared with only five years ago, youngsters spend 47 more minutes a day listening to music and other audio. Incidental music is also everywhere; turn on the TV, go to the restaurant, or watch a soccer game and you'll hear music. What effect does this widespread consumption of music have on us?

There is an urban myth that listening to music makes you more intelligent, but I'm not anticipating getting any dumber during Lent. While there are CDs of music that are meant to help increase IQ, the scientific evidence is that they do nothing for long term intelligence. Studies into the so-called ...

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