The 'Give in to Distraction' Memo | Nancy Chang

February 19, 2015 4:34 PM

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Boss ladies: Extreme focus is overrated. I am over it. And I am sending you this memo to convince you to indulge in a few distractions in 2015. First off, you are really good at being the boss; you keep that paper stacked, control maintained and get a lot of work done before lunch. You are too good with discipline -- it borders on being a tad boring and stifling. Do you have the feeling of restlessness? If so, that is the tiny voice whispering to you about the need for a distraction, and you must yield to it.

Maybe it's telling you to get in a car and drive towards a mini outdoor adventure (within cell phone range for those needing to be connected). Recently, I gave into that voice and breathed some air into the small pleasure of escaping for a day hike. I let my internal voice take over, and it manifest...

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