Girls Review: “Iowa”

January 12, 2015 1:57 PM

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Girls Review: “Iowa”

If you thought last season of HBO’s Girls was a rough trip, you’re not alone. While we saw a continuation of the show’s sharp writing and great performances, we also saw some of the ladies (and men) at their own self-invested rock bottoms. Yes, Girls’ Season Four opener offers some of that dreadful behavior. But it does so with a comedic flair and ray of hope that wasn’t as present last season, and the series has kicked off with a promising first offering.

But let’s catch up on some of those eye-rolling moments in the third season, shall we? There was Hannah, who fed her boyfriend a manufactured scenario about a dead cousin. Then, after her editor, David, turned up dead, she asked his widow for a new publishing contact during his funeral. It got rough...

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