'Girls' Finally Went There With An Abortion Storyline

February 23, 2015 2:35 AM

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'Girls' Finally Went There With An Abortion Storyline

“I can’t go for a run because I had an abortion yesterday,” announces Adam Sackler’s new girlfriend, Mimi-Rose Howard. With that statement, “Girls” joined the (limited) ranks of TV shows that a) have a character follow through with an abortion and b) deal with the subject in a way that is both interesting and adds positively to the dialogue about reproductive choice.

Adam responds to the news with a very Adam tantrum (calling Mimi-Rose "evil" and knocking various things over), while she maintains composure. "It was a ball of cells," she says calmly, when he asks if it was a boy or a girl. "It was smaller than a seed pearl. It didn't have a penis or a vagina."

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