The Ghosts That Haunt This Preemie Mom

November 19, 2014 6:10 PM

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On Memorial Day 2011, I traveled to the hospital hoping to hear the same thing I'd heard from all of the other moms: "Oh, that's normal. Those things happen in the third trimester." I almost felt foolish for going in, but that changed quickly when my Southern doctor in his country drawl uttered, "Honey, your bag's broken." This translated into PPROM, or Premature Rupture of Membrane, and I was told that labor would commence soon. I hadn't had a baby shower yet. The nursery was a painted room filled with boxes. We hadn't even taken birthing classes yet; they were scheduled for the following Tuesday (Jane would be a week old by then).

Memories are spotty, but one thing I remembered being particularly worried about was her lung development. They gave me the first round of steroid shots to help strengthen the lungs, but they warned me that since I would probably give birth before the second round could go through, it was a real pos...

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